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Burcu Arkut
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Designroom Group

Designroom is established on a day of February 2012, all of a sudden, with a great will and excitement that are powered by our background. "A place where we do the designs, that we didn't have a chance to do. A little room that we can work... How would that be? How could it be?" were the phrases we used while developing the idea.

As people, who love to shape the lives with design, we believe that the essential thing is that the core idea could turn into Fashion, a Graphical product, a Furniture, an Interior Design or an Architectural product. How they reach to the people becomes an important issue. At some point, the products are the life's tools. They become the physical and the spiritual components of the moments, we are living in. We, as Designroom Group, would like to be a part of the lives that are filled with pleasure and love.

Yes, how are we doing it, how will we do it? We come up with some concepts inspired by almost anything. When the pre-studies of the concepts are done and we come to a point, where the production has started, the concept turns into either a dress, a skirt, a pencil, a table, a notebook or a poster. Or all of them! Then, they take their places on our shopwindows. The things are boutique works. The found products are boutique products. Projects that involve Interior Design and/or Architecture would be the products of a longer period, with a one-to-one contact with the clients.

We call us "Designroom Group", because even though design is subjective, it can only be achieved by a team. We started it with the words "we design everything&anything; find designs by others that we like". We will see how things will go, together.

We are trying to produce and find products with quality and aesthetic. We value teamwork and working with people who are the best at what they are doing. The designers, craftsmen, manufacturers whom we are in touch with are the ones who make it possible for us.

We would like to especially thank our talented friends Altuğ Ulu, Ebru Arkut Ulu, Funda Arkut, İpek Bankeroğlu, Merve Sarıkaya, İdil Aygünal and Merve Bulut, for their help during our establishment. And we certainly know that we will keep on working.

Welcome to Designroom! Enjoy your time here... :)

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